Sunday, September 25, 2016

BULIMIA an addiction: Treatment and Recovery By Robert Frank Mittiga Recovery Coach

B U L I M I A is an addiction
Most people have heard the expression binge and purge and recognise that it refers to bulimia nervosa. Whereas bulimia is characterised by this binge-purge cycle, it is so much more than eating and vomiting. True, a woman or adolescent with bulimia will consume huge quantities of food -- often to the point of extreme physical discomfort -- then induce vomiting. If vomiting is not an option, due to inability or general disgust of the behaviour, she may turn to excessive exercise or laxative abuse.

But the question remains "why do people do this?"

Bulimia, like most eating disorders, is not about FOOD, it's about FEELINGS. Bulimia is used by people as a way to cope with unpleasant emotions. Say a young woman goes away to university. She feels a tremendous amount of pressure to prove herself academically. This need to achieve is added to the normal stressors of making friends, fitting in, adjusting to dorm life. She is far from home and family support. These negative feelings of anxiety, stress, and perhaps depression, build up. Indeed, she is overwhelmed by these emotions. But she discovers that her stress diminishes markedly when eating.

While looking at food, touching and tasting, she feels better ... so she eats. Not surprisingly, after ingesting so much food, she is consumed by guilt and concerned about weight gain ... so she purges it from her system. The act of vomiting causes her brain to release soothing endorphins into her bloodstream, which provides a sense of calm. When the stress builds again, she repeats the behavior; before she knows it, she is addicted to the bulimic behavior.

The problem with bulimia is that it seems to work, at first. But the short-term social consequences and the long-term medical complications are immense  JUST LIKE ANY OTHER ADDICTIVE PROCESS.

Bulimia is a very real and a very dangerous addictive illness. If you struggle with bulimia, keep in mind, there is nothing wrong with your feelings, there are simply healthier ways to deal with them.
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