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Addiction Recovery Coaching Ideal Solution: Robert Frank Mittiga Recovery Coach

Addiction Recovery Coaching the Ideal Solution for Professionals.

The most common reason that people give for not wanting to go through drug or alcohol rehab is that they are afraid of the social or professional ramifications. Specifically, they are most afraid that entering any type of rehabilitation program will damage their careers in some way.

Studies have shown that about 3 million people in Australia have a drug,alcohol, gambling or sex addiction for which they never seek professional help. Not only are these individuals damaging their physical and mental health, they are also putting their safety, and the safety of others, at great risk.

Ramifications of Seeking Help

Since so many people are afraid to seek help for their addictions, it is important to try to understand their reasoning. Many people believe that if they enter any type of addiction treatment, they will either be ostracised at work or fired from their jobs. Even if they have insurance coverage that would pay for at least a portion of their addiction treatment expenses, these individuals are still reluctant to seek help because they are afraid of their employers’ reactions.

Researchers have discovered that people’s fears are often greater than the realities that would be facing them if they would only come forward and admit to needing help. For example, someone who is addicted to alcohol might feel so guilty and self-conscious about their problem that they are afraid if they come forward, others will judge them as harshly as they are judging themselves.

While it certainly is possible for people to experience negative reactions from co-workers or employers when it becomes known that they have some type of addiction, the reality is that most often the reactions of others are not nearly as bad as people anticipate they will be.

Why Addiction Recovery Is Important

A very important thing to remember is that your health is the most important thing in your life. Even in these tough economic times, your health and well being is still more important than a job. In addition, statistics have shown that people are actually more likely to keep their jobs if they get help for their addiction than they are if they simply let their addictions go untreated.

Think about it: If you are addicted to drugs,alcohol,gambling, or sex etc,, your life at some point is going to begin to unravel and, eventually, it will probably begin to spin out of control. If your addictions become the focal point of your life, you will probably wind up losing your job because of poor attendance or poor performance. As a general rule, people who regularly use drugs or abuse alcohol are much more likely to become chronically unemployed, as they will reach a point where they are simply no longer capable of holding down a job.

People who receive addiction help, on the other hand, not only stand a better chance of keeping the jobs they already have, they are also far more likely to obtain better jobs after they have completed help. Even if you find it necessary to quit your job or take a leave of absence while you are going through treatment, you are likely to be able to find another job once you have embraced your recovery.

Finding Support

Having a healthy support system is essential for people who are going through addiction recovery.  For professionals or sports people Residential rehab facilities are not ideal in regards to maintaining confidentiality. Recovery Coaching provides the support and a structured plan for getting people into a quality and sustainable recovery. Recovery Coaching provides a highly personalised process that can be maintained even while the individual continues their professional obligations and with absolute confidentiality.

If you are really worried about losing your job, your best option is to engage a highly experienced Addiction Recovery Coach.  It isn’t necessary that you tell your boss or co-workers. Always remember that you are entitled to your privacy and that your treatment is nobody else’s business.

If you or someone you love is in the grips of any addiction call us today in confidence for immediate help. Robert Frank Mittiga RECOVERY Robert Frank Mittiga Recovery Australia PH 0432 944 027 (7days)  Email
Confidentiality and privacy assured.

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