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Addiction to sexual activities can be just as destructive as addiction to chemical substances. Addicts may jeopardize their marriage and family relationships, allow their job performance to deteriorate, and endanger themselves and their partner through multiple sexual exposures.
Even though they realize the consequences, they cannot control their compulsions without appropriate treatment.
For most people, sex enhances the quality of life. However, about 3% to 6% of adults have sexual addiction.
Through their addiction, they may
* injure themselves physically,
* experience psychological distress,
* lose their livelihood, and
* ruin meaningful relationships.

Sexual addiction often coexists with chemical dependency, and untreated sexual addiction contributes to relapse to chemical use.
Sexual addicts not only endanger themselves but also put their loved ones at risk for AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases.
Patterns and examples of sexual addiction. Many of these activities are normal and acceptable – on their own. These are only examples that sex addicts may find to be a problem. See also questionnaire below.
* Fantasy sex: neglecting commitments because of fantasy life, masturbation
* Seductive role sex: extramarital affairs (heterosexual or homosexual), flirting and seductive behavior
* Anonymous sex: engaging in sex with anonymous partners, having one night stands
* Paying for sex: paying prostitutes for sex, paying for sexually explicit phone calls
* Trading sex: receiving money or drugs for sex
* Voyeuristic sex: patronizing adult bookstores and strip shows, looking through windows of houses, having a collection of pornography at home or at work
* Exhibitionist sex: exposing oneself in public places or from the home or car, wearing clothes designed to expose
* Intrusive sex: touching others without permission, using position of power (eg, professional, religious) to sexually exploit another person, rape
* Pain exchange: causing or receiving pain to enhance sexual pleasure
* Object sex: masturbating with objects, cross-dressing to add to sexual pleasure, using fetishes as part of sexual rituals, having sex with animals.

Self Assessment
1. Do you keep secrets about your sexual behavior or romantic fantasies from those important to you? Do you lead a double life?
Yes_____ No_____
2. Have your desires driven you to have sex in places or with people you would not normally choose?
Yes_____ No_____
3. Do you need greater variety, increased frequency, or more extreme sexual activities to achieve the same level of excitement or relief?
Yes_____ No_____
4. Does your use of pornography occupy large amounts of time and/or jeopardize your significant relationships or employment?
Yes_____ No_____
5. Do your relationships become distorted with sexual preoccupation? Does each new relationship have the same destructive pattern which prompted you to leave the last one?
Yes_____ No_____
6. Do you frequently want to get away from a partner after having sex? Do you feel remorse, shame, or guilt after a sexual encounter?
Yes_____ No_____
7. Have your sexual practices caused you legal problems? Could your sexual practices cause you legal problems?
Yes_____ No_____
8. Does your pursuit of sex or sexual fantasy conflict with your moral standards or interfere with your personal spiritual journey?
Yes_____ No_____
9. Do your sexual activities involve coercion, violence, or the threat of disease?
Yes_____ No_____
10. Has your sexual behavior or pursuit of sexual relationships ever left you feeling hopeless, alienated from others, or suicidal?
Yes_____ No_____
11. Does your preoccupation with sexual fantasies cause problems in any area of your life - even when you do not act out your fantasies?
Yes_____ No_____
12. Do you compulsively avoid sexual activity due to fear of sex or intimacy? Does your sexual avoidance consume you mentally?
Yes_____ No_____

If you answered YES to any of the above then the chances are high that you may suffering from SEX Addiction. Call or EMAIL us TODAY for immediate and confidential assessment and help.
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