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EATING DISORDERS and TRAUMA ..the link: Robert Frank Mittiga RECOVERY COACH

EATING DISORDERS and TRAUMA ..the link: Robert Frank Mittiga RECOVERY COACH

Studies show that the link between experiences of trauma and developing an eating disorder are very strong. Research reveals that those who are affected by eating disorders have a disproportionately high experience of neglect and/or abuses of all types: sexual, emotional and physical, usually during childhood.

These traumas often result in psychological problems such as depression, low self-esteem, loneliness and anxiety. When addressing disordered eating, it is necessary to also address prior traumas the patient may have undergone.

Though trauma can also be experienced through living in a dysfunctional or alcoholic home, the death of a loved one, violent assault or even by living through a natural disaster, the commonality is an occasion of deep hurt and feeling helplessly out of control in the situation. It should be noted that while Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is also linked to experienced trauma, it is not linked to eating disorders and has its own distinct criteria.

In an attempt to manage the pain and negative emotions associated with trauma, a person may develop an eating disorder. Underneath the behavior is an attempt to take back a measure of control. As an example, the woman who suffers rape may overeat to excess (binge) and gain weight to avoid attracting further male attention.

Conversely, she may severely restrict her food intake (anorexia) to assert control over her own body. It is imperative that patients deal with prior trauma in order to truly recover from an eating disorder. Until the trauma is addressed, relapse casts a large shadow over treatment.

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